Critical Mass

Critical Mass is an action puzzle game that takes traditional match 3 and brings it into the world of 3D. We combine fast addictive gameplay with strategy to create a new and innovative play experience.

  • Fast Paced Addictive Gameplay
  • 4 Unique Game Modes
  • Online Leader-boards & Ranking Systems
  • Achievements & Skillpoint Rewards
  • Exciting Colorful Art Style
  • Great Music & Sound Effects
  • Power Ups & Strategy
  • Accessible to Everyone


System Requirements: Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Processor: 1GHz, Memory: 512MB, Hard disk space: 50MB, Video: 128MB, NVIDIA GeForce 7 series, ATI 2400XT or above With Latest Drivers, OpenGL 2.1 or above.

Internet Connection Required For Registration. Some Features Will Be Disabled In Offline Mode.

Latest News

Critical Mass in the Indie Gala 2! - February 4th 2012

Pay what you want for Critical Mass in the second ever Indie Gala bundle! Grab some great games and music and support charity at the same time! Games include: Critical Mass, Robo Blitz, Greed Crop, Your Doodles Are Bugged, Bunch of Heroes, Hacker Evolution, Fortix 2 and more! The Indie Gala!

Critical Mass New Price & Steam Daily Deal! - July 26th 2011

Critical Mass is now $4.99 on Steam and right here on the site! We are also featured in todays Steam Daily Deal. You can pick up the game now for $1.70 on Steam for today only!

Critical Mass Demo Now Available! - July 12th 2011

Critical Mass Demo is now available for download on Steam as well as here on the website. We hope you enjoy it and we applogize for the delay.

Critical Mass at AVcon / Indie Games Room - July 12th 2011

If you live in Adelaide then you should come down to the Adelaide Convention Centre on the 23rd or 24th of July for AVcon 2011. We and many other indie developers will be showing off our games. There will also be panels that you can attend that will cover the various aspects of game development. We hope to see you there.

Check out the trailer for the Indie Games Room here.

Critical Mass $4.99 Summer Special - July 1st 2011

Critical Mass is available for 50% off from July 1st - July 10th. Make sure you grab a copy. Please tell your friends about it if you like the game! Thanks, have fun!

Critical Mass Available Now! - June 20th 2011

Critical Mass has been released! You can buy it now on Steam, ImpulseDriven or right here! We hope you enjoy the game!

Release Date! - June 14th 2011

We are proud to announce that Critical Mass will be available on June 20th on Steam, ImpulseDriven & on For more information please see the following Press Release

Plans For The Future - June 1st 2011

With the release of Critical Mass getting closer everyday we wanted to let you guys in on our plans for post release support. We plan to make the game available on Mac, iPhone & iPad. We also want to support the game after release with patches and possibly even free downloadable content! We value the community and we want to be as involved as we can and we look foward to hearing your feedback.

Free Copies For Beta Testers! - June 1st 2011

As a way to say thank you to everyone who helped us during the Critical Mass Beta we are giving away free copies of the game to everyone who helped us out! Again we want to thank everyone for helping us make a great game. For more information head over to our facebook page.

Release Date! - June 1st 2011

We have locked down a release date and we will be officially announcing it soon! We are very excited to finally be able to show our game to the world. There will be a lot of updates coming over the next few weeks so stay tuned. If you would like more information please follow us on twitter or facebook.

Critical Mass Website Released! - June 1st 2011

We would like to welcome you to the site! The game is currently still in development but we are very close to release. We will post all news regarding Critical Mass on this site aswell as on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you for supporting Critical Mass & Manic Game Studios


Gamepro 5/5 Stars!

"The question isn't if it's worth your time. It clearly is. The real question is if -- for only ten dollars -- you're ready to spend every free second you have in front of your computer, dominated by Critical Mass. It might be a blasphemous comparison, but this is an obsession of mine that's nearing Tetris proportions." - Read Review

Eurogamer 8.0!

"Despite - or possibly because of - its simple premise, Critical Mass is a game that's hard to put down once you get into a groove, and its a game we're likely to see a lot more of on handheld platforms once word gets around." - Read Review

IGN Score 8.0!

"Critical Mass is the type of game everyone can pick up and enjoy in seconds, and yet come back to time and time again and still be challenged." - Read Review

ImpulseGamer 8.0!

"Critical Mass will be the next big casual PC game. If you thought that Peggle or Bejewelled was addictive, wait until you play Critical Mass" - Read Review

TheGamersPad 4/5 Stars!

"Critical Mass is a perfect example of how the simplest of concepts can be an endless supply of fun" - Read Review

Digitally Downloaded 4.5/5 Stars!

"Critical Mass is a brilliant start for Aussie startup, Manic Game Studios. It's elegant and executed perfectly, falling into none of the control or over ambition issues that indie games are often guilty of. Manic Game Studios knows its limits and has opted to go for practical refinement over complex vision. And the result is a must-have puzzler." - Read Review

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